Newborn Portraits

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Portrait Advice

Capture the moment……

The enduring value of a memorable portrait cannot be overestimated. Children grow up, years pass and all that is left are memories. Let us create portraits that will last a lifetime and capture the moment.

General tips for Portrait Photography.

  • Bring along several changes of clothing as we will be photographing you in colour and Black & White
  • Avoid strong patterns, writing, or very bright colours
  • Dark clothing minimises body size, light tones emphasise body size
  • Long sleeves generally come out better than short sleeves

Tips for Groups and Families.

  • For colour portraits, select a colour theme that blends well for everyone in the photograph. Put them down on the bed and see how the different outfits work together
  • Choose either warm tones(pinks, reds, browns, etc.) or cooler tones (blues, greens, greys etc.)
  • For Black & White portraits – denim and white shirts, t-shirts, navy, black or white looks well
  • If your family members are passionate about their hobbies lets do a fun photo reflecting the real you

Tips for infants ( 0-2 years).

  • Arrange the sitting time, after your baby has had a nap and has been fed. There most playful time of the day – usually early in the morning, after there breakfast or a good nap.
  • Bring along several changes of clothes preferably plain colours
  • We usually photograph the children in their bare feet so shoes, socks and tights are not required
  • Very straight, short skirts on girls are not great in photographs sitting down

Tips for children.

  • Tell your child they are visiting a special fun place with lots of toys to play with.
  • Please do not precondition your children to “smile”